Face painting booth II

St. Benedict's College hosted and organized the Under 19 All Island Schools Soccer Tournament on behalf of the Sri Lanka Schools Football Association at St. Benedict's College Grounds.

We, G2000 ran a Face painting booth at final match. Zahira College Colombo beat St.Benedicts College, Colombo by 3-1. This project is aimed at bringing more glamor to the cheering fans for Zahira.

The project team consists of M. Shaem, M. Zaharan and lead by Anas Hussain.

Face Painting Project

We, G2000 successfully completed its initial project on 3rd November 2007. We ran a Face painting booth at the Phone Company International Super 16 Soccer 7's - 2007 organized by Past Prefects’ Association of Zahira College Colombo. (For details of the event please log on to www.azzahira.com). This project is aimed at making the soccer 7 event more colorful.

The project team consists of M. Murshid, M. Amshard, M. Rizwan and lead by Anas Hussain.

Group of 2000 Inaugural AGM

Inaugural AGM of group of 2000 was held on the 25th October 2007 at the Staff room Zahira College Colombo.

Patron :
Fouzul Hameed
Managing Director - Hameedia
(President Old Boys Association of Zahira college Colombo / Chairman board of directors Zahira College Colombo)

Vice Patrons :
M. Jisthy Fowmy
Managing Director - P.M. Mohamed Ali & co.

M.H.M. Fowzie
Minister of Petroleum & Petroleum Resources Development

M. Rishan Mohideen

Vice Presidents:
Dr. Afzal Zahir
Saleem Sudeen

M. Rifad Rumi

Hussain Wasik

Kaleel-ur Rahman

M. Mursheed
Irshad Lye
M.R.M. Marso
A.H.M. Irshad
Fathhi Mohamed
M.N.M. Farhan
M.L.M. Rifkan
M.S.M. Irfan
M.S.M. Hamid
M.M.M. Farshad
M.N.M. Zaharan
M. Rashid Massaron
M. Muffasir
M. Kuthubudeen
M. Murshideen
M. Anas
M. Zanifer
M. Mafaz
M. Azeem
Nazran Boorah

Zahira Milestone Chart

Zahira has crossed the 115th year Milestone. Along this long journey it had seen many great successes and also faced severe drawbacks and disasters. Let's review some of the important events that Zahira has gone through upto now.

1891 .....
To a community hostile to western influence Proctor M. C. Siddi Lebbe of Kandy made an impassioned appeal for Muslim Education.

1892 ....
Mr. A. M. Wapiche Marikar and Mr. I. L. M. Abdul Azeez overcome the indifference and hostility of the Muslims of the day and established a Muslim School with the active patronage of Ahmed Orabi Pasha of Egypt. It was called Al Madrasathul Zahira.

1894 ....
Al Madrasathul Zahira registered as Maradana Mohammeddan Boys' School. Manager Mr. A. M. Wapiche Marikar No. on roll 35 Students.

1905 ...
Foundation stone for a two storey building laid by Moulavi RafiudeenAhmed, B.A., L.L.B. Cricket and Soccer introduced.

1906 ....
New building declared open by Orabi Pasha.

1911 ....
School was renamed Muslim Zahira College Mr.O. E. Martinus became first principal.

1917 ....
Mr. Wapiche Marikar, after 25 years of devoted and selfless service hands over the management to Maradana Mosque . Mr. Wapiche Marikar was the mainstay of the school in the early and most difficult days. Mr. N. H. M. Abdul Cader appointed Manager.

Mr. A. S. Abdul Cader, first Muslim English Trained Teacher appointed as Head Master.

Sept 1, Mr. T. B. Jaya appointed Principal of Zahira College. Number on Roll 59. Staff 6.

May 31, College Showed rapid progress. Number on Roll 450 -Staff 30 . Science Laboratory Building was donated by Al- Haj N. D. H. Abdul Gaffoor at a cost of Rs 20,000.00..In June the College magazine - The Crescent - began
Oct. 9. College privileged to hear an inspiring address by the world famous poetess and later Stateswoman Mrs. Sarojini Naidu on " New World of Islam ."

Al Haj. P. B. Umbichy provides a playground for the School. This was the beginning of Zahira's prowess at games.
Zahira was destined to become champions in every Sport Zahira entered Rugby, Foodball was introduced Two more internationally known figures addressed the School - Moulana Shauket Ali and Dr. Saiffuden Kitchilan.

March 24 . Sir William Henry Manning, Governor declared open the twelve class rooms donated by Al - Haj. P. B. Umbichy. Sir. William also laid the foundation stone for the main building, the chief contributor being Al- Haj. N. D. H. Abdul Gaffoor

Zahira College was host to Mahatma Gandhi and Mr. C. Rajagopalachariar. The Mahatma delivered an inspiring address to a rapt audience.

The Main Building was declared open by Sir Herbert J. Stanley, Governor of Ceylon. Lord Ormsby Gore, Secretary of State visited Zahira College.

Oct. 28 Commercial Department opened by his Excellency , Sir Herbert Stanley.

Foundation stone laid on December 12 by H. E. Sir Herbert Stanley for Kindergarten Block presented by Al - Haj P. B. Umbichy.

Beat Trinity College for the first time and became school champions in Rugger.

Hon. T. B. Panabokke, Minister of Health declared open the Dental Clinic built by Mr. A. M. M. Abdul Cader.

Zahira Won the Stubbs Sheild in boxing for the first time.

With the beginning of the World War the activities became restricted, and later the building and the playing field were taken over by the military authorities.

Mr. A. H. M. Ismail appointed manager. A branch of Zahira College was opened in Aluthgama to meet the needs of displaced students. Another branch of Zahira College was opened at Gampola. Zahira College's Golden Jubilee year.

Branch of Zahira College was opened at Matale.Branch of Zahira College was established in Puttalam.

March 1. Wekanda Government School was taken over by Zahira College

Silver Jubilee of Mr. T. B. Jayah as Principal was celebrated.

Hon. Sardar Abdur Rab - Nisthar Minister of Communications, Pakistan laid the foundation stone for the new Hostel and unveiled portraits of Messrs M. C. Siddi lebbe, A. M. Wapiche Marikar, I.L. M. Abdul Azeez and Al- Haj P. B. Umbichy

Aug.21. Mr. A. M. A. Azeez succeeds Mr. T.B. Jayah as Principal. Mr. Azeez an able administrator served to consolidate Zahira's gains.

Aug. 23. Portrait of Mr. T. B. Jayah was unveiled by Hon D. S. Senanayake, Prime Minister of Ceylon.

Portrait of Al-Haj N. D. H. Abdul Caffoor unveiled by H. E. Sir Monck Mason Moore, Governor - General of Ceylon.

Iqbal Society inaugurated under the Patronage of Hon T. B. Jayah.

Visit of Moulana Abdul Alim Siddique.

Indoor School of Cricket opened by Nigel Howard, Captain of the M. C. C. This was sponsored by Mr. B. J. H. Bahar (Snr)

The Primary Section, named Muthu Wappa block was completed.

Asia Foundation donated Rs. 75, 000/= towards the establishment of the Ceylon Muslim Cultural Center, Pakistan Donates Rs. 25, 000/= towards the same purpose

M. H Ameen won the coveted Queen'Cup For Best Marksman of all ages. In Cricket Zahira College ambassed the highest score for the season - 536 runs for two wickets and a record first wicket partnership of 276 runs by M. S. Chuncheer and M.Anver.

Zahira become School's Champions in Soccer. Continued to be champions for several years in succession.

Dec. 1 . Management decided to continue Zahira as a 'private' non - fee - levying school.

Aug. 21. College was taken over by the Department and run as a Director managed School.

Sept. 3 . Special General Meeting was organized by the Old Boys' Association to protest against the "Take-over"

Dec. 2. Government vest per mises and property in the crown. Zahira College becomes a government" school. Agitation against the government's decision to "take-over" the school mounts. Muslims from all parts of the country held public meetings organized processions and protest against the Government's "take-over" of Zahira College.

Dec. 14. Board of trustees of Maradana Mosque petitioned to the Supreme Court to have the "Takeover" Order quashed.

The Privy Council hears the petition and allows the appeal of the Maradana Mosque Committee.

June 1. The college 'restored' to the Muslim Community to be conducted as a private, non feel leving school.
Al - Haj A. H. M. Ismail, Chairman, Maradana Mosque Executive Committee becomes manager again.
Dr. M. C. M. Kaleel becomes President, Welfare Society. Mr. S. L. M. Shafie Marikar becomes Principal.

June 20. College commences for the 1st term under the new Management with classes from Grades 6 to 12. The Primary Section continue to be a Government School. Sinhala introduced as medium of instruction.
Tamil as medium of instruction continue up to and including G. C. E. (A/L) Arts & Science.

March 11. Arrangement made to recommence the construction of the New Hostel Building and Pavilion in the presence of Al Haj Ahmad Sayeed (Retd. High Court Judge of Madras).

Nov 16. 75th Anniversary Celebration organized by the O. B. A. with the assistance of the P. T. A.

January. Zahira College again admits student to Grade One classes.

Aug. 5. Prize Giving - Chief Guest: Hon Dudly Senanayake. M. P., Prime Minister.

July 11. The new Hostel and Pavilion Building declared open by Hon. Dudley Senanayake. M. P. Prime Minister.

Aug 8. Prize Giving - Chief Guest: Hon J. R. Jayawardena, Minister of State.

Siddi Lebbe Memorial Practical Education Building completed.

May 3. Zahira College Printing Press set up. Scholarship Fund to assist Grade 11 and Grade 12 students annually with Hostel Facilities. Chief Contributor - Al Haj M. I. M. Naleem, J. P.

January. Classes in Printing and weaving commence. Loan of Rs. 80,000/= by the Education Department for the Siddi Lebbe Memorial Building for Practical Education.

Feb. 4. Course in Batik Printing commenced.

Jan. 8. Inauguration of courses in Motor Mechanism, Radio Electronics and Gemmology.

Nov. 29. Bill to Incorporate Board of Governors for Zahira College introduced in the National State Assembly by Mr. M. H. M. Naina Marikar M. P.

Sept. Ceylon Muslim Cultural Centre (including College Library) completed.

Oct. 11 - 85th Anniversary year Prize Giving - Chief Guest Hon. J. R. Jayawardene M.P. Prime Minister.

Sep. 18 Hon. R. Premadasa M. P. Prime Minister declared open "Orabi Pasha Memorial Building"

The Zahira College Colombo Board of Governors Act passed by Parliament. The Management of Zahira
College vested in the Zahira College Colombo Board of Governors.

Mar. 27. Opening of the 3 storied building and Prize Giving - Chief Guest, Hon. R. Premadasa M. P. Prime Minister

June 13. Special Assembly to welcome two members of the Islamic Development Bank - Mohamed Abdul Alwan and Dr. Usain Al Albani.

Nov. 19. Foundation stone for the new Science Laboratory laid by Hon. M. H. Mohamed, Speaker of Parliament.

Jan. 14. The Ceremonial opening of the playground by Chief Guest Mr. Nanda Mathew, M. P. Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports.

The Old Boys Association spearheads the Centenary Celebration of Zahira. Religious Ceremonies to mark the Centenary.

May. Inauguration of the Zahira College Colombo Centenary Trust Fund to raise funds with a view to
investing same for the benefit of Zahira and its pupils.

July10. Mr. Javid Yusuf assumes duties as Principal of Zahira.

Sept. 7 - Centenary Lecture by Justice C. G. Weeramantry (Member of the international Court of
Justice) on the "Introduction of International Law to school".

Sept. 20. Centenary meeting at the College Grounds. Chief Guest His Excellency R. Premadasa, the President of Sri Lanka.

Sept. 1. Deshabandu Prof. M. T. A. Furkhan assumes duties as Principal

Dec. 15. Charge D / Affairs of Saudi Arabian Embassy H. E. Ali Al - Hamdan opening the 9 class room Building Donated by the Islamic Development Bank of the Saudi Arabia.

April 1. Dr. I. A. Ismail (Son in law of Marhoom A. M. A.Azeez) assumes duties as Principal.

Oct. 29. Hon M. H. M. Ashraff PC M. P. Minister of Port, Rehablitation & Reconstruction granting funds to Restore the Building Damaged by two bomb blasts in the vicinity.

Aug. 1. Mr. S. A. R. M. Farook assumes duties as Principal.

June 1. Dr. Uvais Ahamed (former UNESCO Ed. Advisor for Asia Pacific Region) takes over as Principal.

A delegation from the Al Maktoum Foundation of Dubai United Arab Emirates comprising Mr. Mirza Al Sayegh (President) Mr. Mohamed Bin Ghannam (Secretary General) and Dr. Salah Al Jafrawi (Consultant) visited to the College on 27th December

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse was the Chief Guest at the Tamil Day 2004 held on 23rd August 2004.

Zahira College Colombo

Zahira College, Colombo is the very first Muslim school in Sri Lanka . It is currently the largest Muslim educational institution in Sri Lanka with more than 4000 students studying there. The college is situated at the heart of colombo city.